Monday, March 22, 2010

Personal Development for Smart People: Health

This article is part of my series on Personal Development for Smart People. If you are new here I recommend you to first read my introduction to the book.

This post is all about health and its relationship with the principles.


  • your body is the channel through which you express yourself in physical form
  • & truth
    • assess your physical body
    • what do you like and dislike
    • predict the future of your health
    • accept where you are right now and what you have to work with
  • & love
    • deepen your connection between your mind and your body
    • connect with the foods that are most naturally attractive to you
    • which ones feel intuitively wrong
    • next tune in with your physical-activity patterns
    • which food and activities are most compatible with who you are
    • better to do something wrong with full awareness than to lower your consciousness and disconnect your intuitive feelings
  • & power
    • your health is your responsibility
    • self-discipline is needed to overcome the drag of social conditioning
    • set physical goals that inspire you, average is still unhealthy so aim higher
    • poor health limits your power, good health increases it
    • make incremental improvements in your health habits
    • use your self-discipline to practice the best habits you can today; then let them run on autopilot
  • & oneness
    • shift your diet in the direction of greater empathy and compassion for all creatures
    • you influence others by your example
    • team with others to work toward good health together
    • treat your social circle as an extension of your own body
    • training with others is far more motivating
  • & authority
    • only true health guru in your life is you
    • only way to learn the truth is to dive in and test it for a while
    • find out what works for you via direct trial and error
    • keep a log of your results
    • consider sharing your records
    • when the results of an experiment are positive, make it a permanent change
  • & courage
    • if a goal doesn't scare you a little, it probably isn't worth pursuing
    • do something physical that inspires you
    • take the initiative to prevent health problems
    • keep your fitness routine simple and direct
  • & intelligence
    • put good health habits on autopilot
    • a collection of healthy habits creates an ongoing sense of positive flow
    • more important to be healthy on the inside than to look like a topmodel on the outside
  • conclusion
    • physical body is primary vehicle of interaction in this world, makes sense to take care of it

Next post in this series is about Relationships.

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