Saturday, March 6, 2010

Personal Development for Smart People: Connecting more Deeply

This article is part of my series on Personal Development for Smart People. If you are new here I recommend you to first read my introduction to the book.

In this post I want to focus on how to enhance your alignment with the principle of love.

In the book you will find two meditations and multiple techniques to help you to connect more deeply. What follows are my notes on two of these techniques.

1. Sharing

  • The easiest way to connect is to share something.
  • Some things you can share are a conversation, stories, laughs, a meal, a game, yourself, ...
  • Take initiative ! When turned down, ask someone else.
  • Sharing builds trust and creates stronger bonds.
I will definitely pay more attention to sharing this week.

2. Gratitude

  • Feel grateful for the other person.
  • Imagine what your life would be like without this person. What would you miss most ?
  • You can apply gratitude on a greater scale (family, community, country, planet, ...)
I am grateful for
my girlfriend because of the wonderful time we spent together and because she kicks my ass when necessary,
my family because I just like to spend time with them,
my community because I don't have any issues with anybody,
my country because it's way better than lots of other countries,
our planet because there are so many beautiful places on it.

On to the principle of Power.

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