Friday, March 5, 2010

Personal Development for Smart People: Becoming more Truthful

This article is part of my series on Personal Development for Smart People. If you are new here I recommend you to first read my introduction to the book.

In my previous post I introduced you to the seven principles that are at the core of Personal Development for Smart People. In this post I would like to dig deeper into the principle of truth and how to align yourself with it.

Steve suggests in his book journaling , media-fasting and a quick self-assesment as three ways to bring more truth into your life. Here I'll do the quick self-assesment because it's quick.

The first step is to rate different areas of your life.

Habits & daily routine9
Career & work7
Money & finances8
Health & fitness9
Mental development & education8
Social life & relationships7
Home & family10
Character & integrity7
Life purpose & contribution8
Spiritual development6

The next step is to remove everything below 9 by a 1. This basically leaves me with everything but habits & daily routine, health & fitness and home & family. But you shouldn't rate how far you are on the track but you should rate the direction.

Now comes the more difficult step of determining what you truly want. In hindsight I cheated a little and sometimes stated where I'm currently am and what I want to change instead of clearly stating what I want. But this is because it isn't clear to me what I want from some areas of my life.

  • Career & work I love the field I'm working in but I feel like my progress is really stagnating. I don't seem to find a way to make that next big step forward.
  • Money & finances I'm kind of happy with what I earn. Problem is that all the money I earn is fixed income that I get by working for a boss. So I really want to generate some passive source of income.
  • Mental development & education As I noted in the career & work section I'm kind of stuck on my current level of education. This is something I really want to change. I want to become an expert.
  • Social life & relationships I have a wonderful relationship but I want more really good friends to connect with at a deep level.
  • Emotions I want to connect more with my emotions. Feel them clearly while still mastering them.
  • Character & integrity Be an open person and get completely rid of my sneaky tendencies.
  • Life purpose & contribution I already tried the 20-minutes excercise to find your life purpose some time ago but I guess I didn't try hard enough because I didn't find it. At this moment I hardly have a life purpose & contribution vision so making progress won't be hard :-).
  • Spiritual development I'm afraid I'm going to repeat myself but again on this one I am on a big plateau and on the look out for growth. But I'm back on track by reading this book and writing on this blog.

My quick self-assesment of the truth of my life is finished. I am now going to continue reading the book

Next post in this series is about Connecting more deeply.

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